President’s Prologue

It is indeed a memorable occasion wherein members from all branches of Accounting, Financial Management and Business join together to orchestrate the very first national platform of people interested in the development of accounting in all its dimensions as the largest professional stream in the country. Warmest welcome!

Who doesn’t need accounting, at home, at business-big or small, industry, in the government –everywhere accounting is in service 24/7. And we provide service in different capacity, at different levels and, with different identity as well as diversity. We waited for long to have a platform for all to speak the same language for the improvement of this very vital segment of life. With the registration of the Bangladesh Accounting Association and its formal launching, our long-cherished dream come true. Thanks to almighty for giving us this opportunity.

We all know that Accounting is the custodian of core values of the human society: integrity, reliability, independence and accountability. Accounting, as a distinguished discipline, is blessed with commitment to serve humanity with all these four values. We, as academics, professionals, practitioners, serving accountants, by and large, are budded and bounded with the responsibility to deliver these committed values. We are designated to a promise to deliver with integrity, reliability, independence and accountability. For centuries, it has symbolized for us what it means to be a person from accounting discipline. We have the great-and sometimes difficult-honor of standing for what is right and what is good, not just for our employers and clients, but for the public and the society at large. We represent the core values we keep, and we carry them with us, in our hearts, in our minds, and sometimes on our business cards. Our assemblage in this forum is a shift in perspective, from audience to presenter, is not just a visual shift. It reflects one of my essential messages: I have an obligation to consider not just my view, but a wide range of views to deliver core values, particularly accountability at a time when the society needs it the most.

One critical factor in thinking differently is listening to different voices from within our own discipline. All of us have been blessed to have wonderful, intelligent voice in our life. Looking at our surrounding today, we really see the need for good governance in every sphere of life. May be good accounting practice can be of greatest help in shaping country’s governance system from enterprise to institution and, from corporate to government.

Tens and thousands of people are engaged in accounting services without any basic learning and/or training in accounting. Accounts cadre in the country’s civil service is populated with many people without any formal qualification in accounting. There are many more areas where attention is urgently needed to shape up the route to good governance and accountability.

It is my profound belief that with the help of the leaders in this forum, we can promote a culture of opportunity for every member of the Association. I know this is a goal shared by many of you with whom we will work hand-in-hand very closely in the coming days. I am grateful to the members of the present Executive Council for their outstanding efforts in obtaining license from the Ministry of Commerce and getting BAA incorporated with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms during this pandemic. I want to make special mention of Mr. Haider Ahmed Khan FCA, Mr. Selim Reza FCA, FICS. We really take pride of Prof. Dr. Md. Sayaduzzaman a brilliant leader, a great soul, a man of great integrity and a person with unending energy. I am looking forward to drawing on your insights and those of your extremely talented management skills in your respective areas.

Today, with the launching of this website of the infant Bangladesh Accounting Association we want to project our focus on where the Association is headed during the next 12 months and beyond, and how getting there will require a willingness to think and act differently. One of the remarkable aspects of this Association is that we somehow balance our enormous diversity with a shared conviction in our core values. We need to think differently because we listen to the many different voices and perspectives of the people who comprise our fraternity. As I look out across the profile of our current 300+ members, I see the leaders of this discipline, represented by many diverse professions. Everything we do says something about us. How we think. How we see the world. How we bring value every day to our life and the life of those who we serve: our clients, employers and the public. All of these add up to the powerful force we represent.

I once heard someone to say that there is a reason why they make the windshield larger than the rearview mirror. Learning from the past is important. But it is also important to look at the future. It’s true that we can’t change the past. But we can change the future.

I fervently urge upon you to look into that future and, either adapt, or change it. It has been said that our choice will define how we will be remembered. As we move on, I request all of you to join us, to work together, to look beyond ourselves, to use our imagination, to think differently, and finally, to exercise leadership. Stay safe and remain ever blessed. Wish you in good health.

Prof. M Harunur Rashid